The Morning Omens – 2/20/17

Who? Who? Who could it be?

Well, owl tell you.

Owl is a card I don’t think I’ve actually pulled before, yet She seems very familiar. It’s another one of those beautifully simple Oracle cards with a tawny owl perched in a thick tangle of woodland, the full moon glowing through a clearing in the branches. Trinkets hang nearby, one depicting the spiral of the well.

When I think Owl I think nocturnal, predatory, wise, and keen-eyed. Owl is very nearly from a different place entirely, able to see the world of darkness as if in light. While other creatures scurry and feel hesitantly The Owl perches above all, seeing and knowing with perfect clarity.

I read Owl as a message to be patient and see. See with the eyes and the spirit. Peer deep into the dark places and know what is there and decide carefully. Is it time to swoop now? Shall we wait and see what else comes? Owl knows and so shall we when Owl we embrace.


Life Is Happening In Real Time

I’m quickly finding myself overwhelmed by the rapid passage of time this year. I’ve fallen way behind in writing for the Dedicant Path coursework, I’ve yet to do anything in terms of writing regarding Imbolc or my powerful visitations with Brigantia or any of the majorly huge things that have happened in my spiritual life lately.

I feel like the cosmos keep putting beautiful, bespoke dishes in my arms, one after another, and as I stumble forward the mountain begins to teeter. All I need to do is step aside and put some of these bowls on the shelf… But just as arms reach to pull me aside, to sort things out, other arms push and push me forward.

Everything truly does come down to balance at the end. That pesky, pesky balance.

If it’s not raining too bad tomorrow I’ll bring my iPad to work and maybe catch up on some writing before my shift.

At least I got to briefly sit with Brigantia again today. I wanted to say hello and She pulled up some runes for me. Gebo and Dagaz. Tomorrow ought to be fun!

A Time To Rest

Goddess Artio sleeping with bear, oil, by Alexandra Nereïev

Following my exhausting illness and equally exhausting recovery (as well as work and DP catch-up) the blog will be taking a break for a bit. I need a little time to rest, recuperate, and explore this new and sudden bond with Brigantia that has been burning on the edge of my life. 

Hoping to be back soon with my forge rekindled. 

The Morning Omens – 2/6/17

Hello, Seal. Good to see you again. We’ve met before under similar circumstances. You present a dilemma of choice, hanging like this. I think this might be the fastest a message like this became clear, for moments after I consulted the deck I set out for work and found it raining quite hard.

“Well then,” I thought. “To brave the weather or spend thirty dollars for a ride in…”

As I’ve been focusing a great deal on cutting back the idea of spending $30 for a ride to work seemed distressing, so I carried on with my cane, lunch bag, and umbrella awkwardly in tow.

I got halfway down the street to discover my ID lanyard was missing. I sighed and trundled back home, rummaging through my clothes. Ten minutes later I found it and that’s when it was clear. My choice was pretty much made.

So I packed my iPad in too, since I wouldn’t have to stand out in the rain, and called a car. I’m en route as I’m typing this and while it was a choice largely made for me by circumstance it has afforded me an opportunity to catch up on writing, so that’s pretty cool.

Morning Omens – 1/31/17

Sigh. I don’t really even want to elaborate on this one. 

Swan is a beautiful creature who floats on the water, faithful to the heart of another. Their place between sea and sky fills them with the wisdom of the ancestors and the word of the Gods. Their beauty and bond truly inspirational.

Seeing Swan inverted speaks greatly to an awareness of heartbreak and separation. I pray it speaks more of what I know and not of what may come, for there is one close to me in a bad place. I feel helpless and can only hope my kind words and warm prayer do enough to hold them up through this trial.

Looking Back At The Omens (Oracle Draws From 1/23/17 – 1/27/17)


This week I pulled cards from the Oracle each weekday morning. It was a week of intense emotion, vivid dreams, and exciting/frightening surprises and it reinforced the notion that this deck truly knows my heart. I feel so blessed to have such a bond with these cards, despite still being truly virginal to their true depth. Having explored dice, runes, and now the Animal Oracle, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the beauty of reading omens every day.

The faces that appeared before me this week were:

Monday – Bee (Inverted)
Tuesday – Eagle (Inverted)
Wednesday – Eagle (Inverted)
Thursday – Frog
Friday – Bull (Inverted)

The omens this past week ended up being pretty direct on a day-to-day basis. Monday night brought me one step deeper into the hive I’ve been hoping to grow closer to: My Druid Grove. Our Senior Druid messaged me informing me I had been recruited to actively participate in our next High Day ritual, Imbolc, for the first time. It was surprising and somewhat frightening news but it’s a wonderful opportunity on the Dedicant Path and a wonderful opportunity to get closer to the Grove.

Tuesday and Wednesday both brought Eagle, telling me to embrace the messages in dreams, letting them soak into my heart. Both nights I did indeed have peculiar, vivid dreams. The emotions strongly present were excitement, worry, embarrassment, and lust.

Thursday brought Frog. The morning led me to believe I would stand with one toe in the waters, one on the earth, utilizing the circuit to perhaps channel some sort of nurturing with someone close. This could not have been a stronger nor more heartbreaking message.

Friday presented Bull. This one I certainly did not expect. He was a warning and one I did not hold tightly to. I did indeed find myself concerned with a great many worries but unchecked rage was not one of them… Until late in the evening when I suffered a pretty frustrating inconvenience returning home that was quite angering. The rage of the bear boiled in me in a way that is uncommon but not unfamiliar. It was not until I was safely home at my desk that I saw Bull sitting there and it all clicked.

Is there a greater pattern to this week’s reads? Almost all of the omens came inverted, suggesting a great deal of adversity and problems to overcome. The Bee felt my desire to grow closer to Raven’s Cry. It has been more or less intense depending on the goings on around me but recent events have both been very distracting but also emboldening in a magical sense. Eagle spoke of coming dreams, knowing I would be inclined to dissect them. Frog came not with a warning, but with a pillow. Frog knew there was a need and prepared me. Finally Bull tried to caution me on my aggression, steering me away from anger. I suppose, all in all, the Omens spoke directly and spoke largely of caution and alertness and yet I did not heed them well. I acknowledged the meaning after the fact, however. The Omens were a cautioning parent, a “Don’t do that, sweetheart” and “That’s why” to my stubborn and blind “Why?”

Thus far I’ve only consciously invoked the image of one of the Oracle’s cards in my daily activity and that was Damh. It’s very apparent that Stag and I are intersecting strongly. Calling an image of luminous antlers to sprout from my head has become fairly regular practice and recent divination has been guiding me closer and closer to a reunion… Perhaps one where I don’t make an ass of myself.

A great High Day is coming in a matter of days, the anniversary of my first encounter with Damh comes close, and the antlers grow and shed more frequently as they are needed. Perhaps the lesson from this week’s Oracle read is simple: Don’t just read the message, carry it inside you.

I promise I will join you soon, Damh.

The Morning Omens – 1/27/17

IMG_20170127_130644625 (1).jpg

What did my curious eyes see Friday morning but a massive, fertile bull staring at me from an awkward angle.

Bull is immediately apparent as size, power, noise, and potent masculinity. From his thick muscles to his enormous testes to his sturdy horns and guttural bellows, Bull is very intimidating. He is one of earth and sky both, signified by the graceful Cranes flying above. The treasures of the horn and rattle both reinforce his symbolism as power and fertility.

So seeing Bull inverted suggests aggression unchecked. Power without balance. A bull in a china shop, if you will. He warns against letting anger consume you, against letting your power loose to do wrong.

This is a bit of a late recording of this omen, as things have been a bit skelter for me lately and I’ve been way behind on my journaling… But this week’s omens have been very accurate and immediate and I’ll be going into them in more detail with my review tomorrow.

Morning Omens – 1/26/17

This morning did not come entirely willingly. I went to bed early with an intent to rise early and get very some important matters done at work before my shift. What ended up happening was an intense dream and restless tossing and turning from midnight until I gave up and got up extra early. 

I used the additional time, the last hours of the dark, to shower and give thanks to Nantosuelta as I did so, then I dressed and sat in front of the altar. I had plenty of time to properly center myself and have a little chat with Nehalennia, expressing my sorrow for the state of our city’s beaches right now, offering her a warm flame and a cool, pure dish to drink from or wet her hands, face, and feet. I asked her to sit with me and lend her hand to the Oracle deck, to grant me inspiration and to meet another face in the cards.

So… Frog! Cousin of my mentor’s companion Toad! A new face indeed.

Looking at the card I see a number of things jump (hah) out at me. Frog crawls towards a cleft in the hills, the mounds of fertile green earth. One foot remains in the water near numerous eggs. One such egg has separated and surfaced. Perhaps preparing to hatch? I also see mushrooms and what looks like a cranberry?

When I think of Frog I think of several things. I think of the flexible dual life of living beneath the water and above. I see hundreds of eggs. I see strong, bounding legs. I see a lightning fast, long tongue. I see wet, possibly poisonous skin. I know Frog and Toad are told as part of ancient traditions in magic and witchcraft. They are signs of healing and medicine and have a strong tie to both the waters and the earth. And they sing! Who doesn’t love singing!

Frog speaks to me of joy and healing and using the strength of the land and water both to share those gifts. A strong message of creation and fertility of course shines through. A message particularly potent in this time when we celebrate Brighid.

Looking Back At The Omens (Oracle Draws From 1/15/17 – 1/21/17)

On recommendation from my friend and mentor I am looking back on the cards drawn from the Animal Oracle from the last week all together. I drew seven cards, one for each day of the week, and it feels a bit unbalanced to be honest. Going forward I will aim to draw from the Oracle during the weekdays and take the weekends to rest and consider what I have seen. Laying them out on the table I use for divination also geometrically makes the spread crushed. Five cards lay side by side with ease, seven do not. Small, blind, feeling steps but there we are.


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