Some Words

I don’t really have articulate words to share right now. Everyone has seen the news and I don’t really have anything to say on the matter that isn’t already being said.

I want to assure for those who use this blog as a means of keeping in touch or working along with me: I am continuing my work, I am doing my studies. I have been communicating closely with those great powers whom I share space with and I have been taking and recording Omens.

I’ve not posted much of my work here lately as a lot of what I’ve been learning has been deeply personal and, at this time, doesn’t feel appropriate to share with a larger audience.

If you happen to look this way for guidance and support however, I will offer you some words.

Be kind to one another. It is normal to be angry and be scared but I employed you, please, do not thrash and gore blindly. In our connected modern times it is so, so easy to get washed up in a sea of blindfolds and whipping tusks. It’s a mob mentality that swings this way and that and, I fear, more and more it is being manipulated by people to advance agendas or worse: eliminate them.

So if you are hurt, if you are angry, if you have words that are important to say right now, that is good. Don’t discount them. Apply them considerately. And I don’t mean use them only in nice, pleasant ways. Use them in ways that you are certain will be effective. Even if it’s little work.

Keep doing good work. Make offerings, give ritual, be with your family, hold others close.


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