Brief Thoughts Following The Autumn Equinox

Goodness. What to say about this weekend? The start of the Autumn season has brought before my eyes the full scope of all that I have grown, harvested, and even spoiled.

My path goes ever onward. Where I once stumbled in the dark with ne’er a torch in hand, a flame I now carry. Where my path was fully unseen now shows matted grass, footprints, and signs along the way. I’m even starting to find small settlements, kind travelers, and creatures with tales to tell!

It’s almost like I’m figuring this stuff out. Go figure!

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Never Alone


Tonight was one of those peculiar, unforgettable nights.

I had a pretty rough afternoon emotionally. I found myself overly stressed and overwhelmed with negative stimulus and thus barely managed to get through the bare minimum errands I needed to do.

Faced still with pressure to study anything/everything for DP work and this weekend’s ritual I kinda fried a little bit, not to mention feeling some intense pain in my leg to boot. Things were going kind of rough. I got home, had a bit of a lie down, and did a tiny bit of reading. Continue reading “Never Alone”