The Morning Omens – 2/20/17

Who? Who? Who could it be?

Well, owl tell you.

Owl is a card I don’t think I’ve actually pulled before, yet She seems very familiar. It’s another one of those beautifully simple Oracle cards with a tawny owl perched in a thick tangle of woodland, the full moon glowing through a clearing in the branches. Trinkets hang nearby, one depicting the spiral of the well.

When I think Owl I think nocturnal, predatory, wise, and keen-eyed. Owl is very nearly from a different place entirely, able to see the world of darkness as if in light. While other creatures scurry and feel hesitantly The Owl perches above all, seeing and knowing with perfect clarity.

I read Owl as a message to be patient and see. See with the eyes and the spirit. Peer deep into the dark places and know what is there and decide carefully. Is it time to swoop now? Shall we wait and see what else comes? Owl knows and so shall we when Owl we embrace.


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