Life Is Happening In Real Time

I’m quickly finding myself overwhelmed by the rapid passage of time this year. I’ve fallen way behind in writing for the Dedicant Path coursework, I’ve yet to do anything in terms of writing regarding Imbolc or my powerful visitations with Brigantia or any of the majorly huge things that have happened in my spiritual life lately.

I feel like the cosmos keep putting beautiful, bespoke dishes in my arms, one after another, and as I stumble forward the mountain begins to teeter. All I need to do is step aside and put some of these bowls on the shelf… But just as arms reach to pull me aside, to sort things out, other arms push and push me forward.

Everything truly does come down to balance at the end. That pesky, pesky balance.

If it’s not raining too bad tomorrow I’ll bring my iPad to work and maybe catch up on some writing before my shift.

At least I got to briefly sit with Brigantia again today. I wanted to say hello and She pulled up some runes for me. Gebo and Dagaz. Tomorrow ought to be fun!


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