The Morning Omens – 2/10/17

Man. I love seeing this beautiful beast. 

This morning is the first time I’ve seen Horse gallop out of the Oracle deck. It is an amazingly beautiful image, showing the gorgeous creature bounding through sun bathed hills. There is so much beauty, energy, and potential in this card. It’s warm and kinetic.

Horse speaks of wild freedom and exploration. Horse speaks of doing that thing. You know that thing you keep not finding time for? It’s time to go. Horse speaks of journeying. Go forward or backward or sideways. Just go! Embrace those new feelings and ride them!

Horse is a symbol I’ve seen more often in my work with the Elder Futhark. Ehwaz often speaks of easy, comfortable travel. It’s a rune I love seeing because who doesn’t love a nice trip?

As far as Horse applies to me today, I feel it’s a green light for my journey to visit Damh. Plans, preparation, over preparation, fear, excitement, nerves, poor timing… Any number of things have swarmed around this “to-do” and today has so many things converging on top of this message that Horse is rearing up and bounding in shapely circles to beckon me on. 

So that’s tonight, then. As the earth, moon, and sun find themselves align, as we find the glittering lights in the sky racing by, I make a place, I swing a leg over the horse and ride through the black knot and see if I emerge in that same empty sea. I won’t run this time. This time I have antlers of my own.


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