The Morning Omens – 2/8/17

I’ve heard many guiding tales about divination, about taking Omens. It is easy for many to look at the practice and assume it is a tool for predicting the future. I fear it is often far too easy even for me, who has been taught and cautioned to not lean on an Omen as foresight of things to come. It is one of many weaknesses in my practice I seek to overcome and seeing Sow here, reversed, is a sobering reminder. 

The importance of divination has been expressed to me as a deeper examination of the self and of the present time. Imagine you’re floating down a deep river. You have a memory of where you’ve been, you can certainly see a ways down, and you have an idea of what’s immediately around, above and below, as well as where you intend to go. Taking an omen is like emitting a spherical pulse of seeing light. It extends around you not only at the level you are, but in the depths below and the sky above. It reveals things that are, things you might not be able to see or hear or feel.

That is not to say such vision cannot guide you forward, nor provide insight on the past. You might detect a deep current that signals a drop or fork in the river. You might hear animals scurrying or flying back to where you once were, indicating a change made or a discovery unearthed. 

Sow reminds me that I am a glutton. I am a glutton with a well meaning boat and a faulty sail. I fall into traps of self abuse. I sit in a field abundant with food and yet I still whine and yearn for the teat. I seek it because it is comfortable and I seek it because it is a habit, but I leave such bounty unattended that was grown, given to, and hoarded by me. And the worst of it all is that I still crave larger, fuller fields while straining to sup at the breast. 

It is my shame and how often have I meant to wean myself away. Perhaps putting a face to the vice will finally guide me onward. 


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