Looking Back At The Omens (Oracle Draws From 1/23/17 – 1/27/17)


This week I pulled cards from the Oracle each weekday morning. It was a week of intense emotion, vivid dreams, and exciting/frightening surprises and it reinforced the notion that this deck truly knows my heart. I feel so blessed to have such a bond with these cards, despite still being truly virginal to their true depth. Having explored dice, runes, and now the Animal Oracle, I’m finding myself more and more drawn to the beauty of reading omens every day.

The faces that appeared before me this week were:

Monday – Bee (Inverted)
Tuesday – Eagle (Inverted)
Wednesday – Eagle (Inverted)
Thursday – Frog
Friday – Bull (Inverted)

The omens this past week ended up being pretty direct on a day-to-day basis. Monday night brought me one step deeper into the hive I’ve been hoping to grow closer to: My Druid Grove. Our Senior Druid messaged me informing me I had been recruited to actively participate in our next High Day ritual, Imbolc, for the first time. It was surprising and somewhat frightening news but it’s a wonderful opportunity on the Dedicant Path and a wonderful opportunity to get closer to the Grove.

Tuesday and Wednesday both brought Eagle, telling me to embrace the messages in dreams, letting them soak into my heart. Both nights I did indeed have peculiar, vivid dreams. The emotions strongly present were excitement, worry, embarrassment, and lust.

Thursday brought Frog. The morning led me to believe I would stand with one toe in the waters, one on the earth, utilizing the circuit to perhaps channel some sort of nurturing with someone close. This could not have been a stronger nor more heartbreaking message.

Friday presented Bull. This one I certainly did not expect. He was a warning and one I did not hold tightly to. I did indeed find myself concerned with a great many worries but unchecked rage was not one of them… Until late in the evening when I suffered a pretty frustrating inconvenience returning home that was quite angering. The rage of the bear boiled in me in a way that is uncommon but not unfamiliar. It was not until I was safely home at my desk that I saw Bull sitting there and it all clicked.

Is there a greater pattern to this week’s reads? Almost all of the omens came inverted, suggesting a great deal of adversity and problems to overcome. The Bee felt my desire to grow closer to Raven’s Cry. It has been more or less intense depending on the goings on around me but recent events have both been very distracting but also emboldening in a magical sense. Eagle spoke of coming dreams, knowing I would be inclined to dissect them. Frog came not with a warning, but with a pillow. Frog knew there was a need and prepared me. Finally Bull tried to caution me on my aggression, steering me away from anger. I suppose, all in all, the Omens spoke directly and spoke largely of caution and alertness and yet I did not heed them well. I acknowledged the meaning after the fact, however. The Omens were a cautioning parent, a “Don’t do that, sweetheart” and “That’s why” to my stubborn and blind “Why?”

Thus far I’ve only consciously invoked the image of one of the Oracle’s cards in my daily activity and that was Damh. It’s very apparent that Stag and I are intersecting strongly. Calling an image of luminous antlers to sprout from my head has become fairly regular practice and recent divination has been guiding me closer and closer to a reunion… Perhaps one where I don’t make an ass of myself.

A great High Day is coming in a matter of days, the anniversary of my first encounter with Damh comes close, and the antlers grow and shed more frequently as they are needed. Perhaps the lesson from this week’s Oracle read is simple: Don’t just read the message, carry it inside you.

I promise I will join you soon, Damh.


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