The Morning Omens – 1/27/17

IMG_20170127_130644625 (1).jpg

What did my curious eyes see Friday morning but a massive, fertile bull staring at me from an awkward angle.

Bull is immediately apparent as size, power, noise, and potent masculinity. From his thick muscles to his enormous testes to his sturdy horns and guttural bellows, Bull is very intimidating. He is one of earth and sky both, signified by the graceful Cranes flying above. The treasures of the horn and rattle both reinforce his symbolism as power and fertility.

So seeing Bull inverted suggests aggression unchecked. Power without balance. A bull in a china shop, if you will. He warns against letting anger consume you, against letting your power loose to do wrong.

This is a bit of a late recording of this omen, as things have been a bit skelter for me lately and I’ve been way behind on my journaling… But this week’s omens have been very accurate and immediate and I’ll be going into them in more detail with my review tomorrow.


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