The Brighid-Along and Being Close To Brothers and Sisters Afar

Imbolc comes swiftly and this High Day comes with great importance to myself. It is my first foray into knowing Brighid, goddess of fertility, creativity, and flame. She is a Goddess of birth, of nurture, and of art who oversees the forge, guides the calf from his mother, and fills the breast with warmth. 

This time of passage from winter into warmer days is also significant for me personally, as it will be the first High Day with my home Grove where I will be an active participant in the ritual presentation. Our Senior Druid has asked that call to and make offering for the Shining Ones in our rite and it is a tremendous honor and an important step in my journey along this path of piety. 

I am honored and humbled that such a great and revered Goddess such as Brighid might be honored at my first public ritual as a celebrant. I pray She will come to know me better as I seek to know Her in the coming days.

Which leads me to part two of this post. The part in which I marvel at these times where people of magic and piety might do great work and share in a loving bond over great distance. I was blessed to be able to participate in Northern Rivers’ Winter Solstice ritual over the internet recently and that selfsame Grove led me to discover the Sassafras Grove of Pittsburgh and their 2017 “Brighid-Along“.

Along with my own study and prayer, this nine day event affords me an opportunity to learn and participate in prayers and meditation with brothers and sisters on the other side of the country and it is so, so wonderful. This morning I spent my ride to work melting into the midwife meditation, and I clutch that fertile acorn deep inside me, swirling with charged water and dancing flame. My eyes now seek gently over the beauty that surrounds, watching for a warm nest to birth what lies within.

The Internet has become a challenging place for many of my beloved friends and family. It is easy to get swept up in the negativity, hate, and fear that seems to come at all angles at all hours… But being able to join hands across tens of thousands of miles to better know and honor the blessed Kindreds we all love? I’d be hard pressed to give up such a beautiful opportunity.

Many thanks to my wonderful brothers and sisters of Northern Rivers and Sassafras for sharing your love and traditions with me. May the branches that grow out of me from your care one day shelter and nourish you in return.


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