Morning Omens – 1/26/17

This morning did not come entirely willingly. I went to bed early with an intent to rise early and get very some important matters done at work before my shift. What ended up happening was an intense dream and restless tossing and turning from midnight until I gave up and got up extra early. 

I used the additional time, the last hours of the dark, to shower and give thanks to Nantosuelta as I did so, then I dressed and sat in front of the altar. I had plenty of time to properly center myself and have a little chat with Nehalennia, expressing my sorrow for the state of our city’s beaches right now, offering her a warm flame and a cool, pure dish to drink from or wet her hands, face, and feet. I asked her to sit with me and lend her hand to the Oracle deck, to grant me inspiration and to meet another face in the cards.

So… Frog! Cousin of my mentor’s companion Toad! A new face indeed.

Looking at the card I see a number of things jump (hah) out at me. Frog crawls towards a cleft in the hills, the mounds of fertile green earth. One foot remains in the water near numerous eggs. One such egg has separated and surfaced. Perhaps preparing to hatch? I also see mushrooms and what looks like a cranberry?

When I think of Frog I think of several things. I think of the flexible dual life of living beneath the water and above. I see hundreds of eggs. I see strong, bounding legs. I see a lightning fast, long tongue. I see wet, possibly poisonous skin. I know Frog and Toad are told as part of ancient traditions in magic and witchcraft. They are signs of healing and medicine and have a strong tie to both the waters and the earth. And they sing! Who doesn’t love singing!

Frog speaks to me of joy and healing and using the strength of the land and water both to share those gifts. A strong message of creation and fertility of course shines through. A message particularly potent in this time when we celebrate Brighid.


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