Looking Back At The Omens (Oracle Draws From 1/15/17 – 1/21/17)

On recommendation from my friend and mentor I am looking back on the cards drawn from the Animal Oracle from the last week all together. I drew seven cards, one for each day of the week, and it feels a bit unbalanced to be honest. Going forward I will aim to draw from the Oracle during the weekdays and take the weekends to rest and consider what I have seen. Laying them out on the table I use for divination also geometrically makes the spread crushed. Five cards lay side by side with ease, seven do not. Small, blind, feeling steps but there we are.


What do I see when I lay these all before me…?

I see clear skies and stormy weather in equal measure. I see a journey from the inland to the coast repeated twice. I see bold gold and brown transitioning to soft, sandier tones, and then back to fiercer reds.

As for the animals lined up…

Bee: Unity, production as a team.
Stag: Nobility and grace.
Seal (Inverted): A dilemma of choice.
Goose: A focus on sharing the burden.
Crane (Inverted): Failing to meet a rhythm (Zig when you should Zag).
Wren: Triumph through cleverness and piety.
Fire Dragon: Power, royalty, careful respect for strength and desire.

It’s very easy to see an emphasis on balance. What manner of Druidic teaching would be without it, after all? Particularly on my behalf. If I’ve one weakness it’s a failure to maintain balance of energy. The waves of travel implied by this spread suggest an emphasis, however, on balance through the turning of the sun, of managing time rather than what I hold in my hands. True, I do often sweat about making all the things fit evenly into each day (and often failing). The cards suggest perhaps less of an “all the things all the time” approach to balance and more of a “time and place for all things” balance.

Stag and Dragon both share strong signs of power and royalty. The Dragon with his terrifying, bestial power and lust for gold; Damh with his ancient wisdom and glorious antlers. Power, a regal stature, and unity with others, letting them help share my burdens, knowing when to lead and when to follow. Piety and clever planning. Important decisions relying on me.

The path of clergy has indeed weighed heavy on me. That is the path this thinking leads me down. I have concerns about my ability to properly learn and study as my brain feels incredibly rusty in terms of reading and comprehending information. The path still draws me onward, though. The calling from the Ancestors, the visions of Damh so long ago, my bond with Artio the great mother and protector… My desire to leave a legacy. My drive to become more intimate with the Earth and all the great Kindreds whom I love… My joy in supporting those who feel lost and sad around me.

I hear it so much, from those living close to me, from the Goddesses whom I speak with, from the runes and the Oracle. It’s almost as if the phrase at hand is “Just find balance and you’ll make it.” and I’m not sure if that’s easier said then done or if I’m just infinitely stubborn. I’m sure I look like some doof on a game show, frantically looking for the place to stick the last puzzle piece while a national audience all sees exactly where it needs to go, shouting and pointing at their television screens.

Mercifully I have many great voices in my life right now lending me aid. I’m certain I’ll figure it out one of these days… And I’m certain this path I follow is Very Important in my life right now.

I nearly forgot to mention, as this write up was so overdue and things I’ve wanted to discuss have been piling up… The other night as I was washing dishes and preparing to bed I received a very late text from our Senior Druid of the Grove. He had recruited me to participate in the ritual for Imbolc. As you could imagine I was excited and incredibly nervous. It’s a tremendous opportunity for my growth and for the Dedicant Program and my first big step in supporting/growing with my local Grove. The next several days will be a little bit of research on Brighid and other Imbolc traditions related to our ritual and a little meditation to perhaps get to know Her a bit better before next weekend.

Still kinda freaking out though.


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