Morning Omens Catching Up (1/23/17 – 1/25/17)

Bee. Eagles. Beegles. Upside-down Beegles.

I’m going to wait til Friday I think before I give it a full run down but this is a little bit of journaling catch-up on my daily Oracle reads for this week.

Monday: The Bee (Inverted) – Feeling out of place. Feeling lost and separated from the hive. A need to join together for greater work.

(Funny enough that night was the night our Senior Druid surprised me with a Celebrant role in our Imbolc ritual so… Yeah. Working with my Grove right and proper then, aren’t we?)

Tuesday: The Eagle (Inverted) – I hadn’t encountered the Eagle before Tuesday. It was a striking card, indeed. Seeming fairly simple in it’s depiction. When I look at Eagle I see the great bird taking up a full half of the card’s image, appearing just about to snatch prey, perhaps from that oak tree, with it’s massive talons. Eagle is quite high up, a village visible below in a cold time of year, perhaps early to mid Spring, as snowy and icy mountains tower above, containing a large body of water.

Eagle looks ferocious. Their feathers are warm and fiery, their claws hooked and deadly. Clear vision and acute opportunity scream from the Eagle’s appearance. Eagle sees all. They tiny prey sheltered in a tree, the tiny human domiciles below, the great waters towering over the village behind hoary peaks. Perhaps Eagle knows of a danger unaware to the villagers. Perhaps that lake threatens to flood as snow melts off. Perhaps they look to Eagle to know? The book suggests that this card reversed warns of an imbalance of mind. Of overanalyzing. It suggests the lake is a place of renewal necessary to balance the fiery energies of the Eagle. It suggests a need to embrace and be aware of dreams and the feelings that lie within, without risking a loss of lesson through wrong thinking.

That night, last night, I did dream. I dreamt I was in a city and I was a woman. I was looking for someone close to me who was lost. I was partnered up with a gruff but gentle biker with a large motorcycle. His heart was in the right place but he was a bit fiery and impatient. We were riding swiftly between towering skyscrapers, between many cars, looking for that person who was lost. I remember specifically sitting sort of to the side, to his left, hanging off the side of the motorcycle, feeling and seeing the world fly by me quickly, clinging to his side like a little monkey. I made some dorky comment about how it was like a video game (I think Grand Theft Auto) and he couldn’t hear me, the noise was too great. So I repeated myself and he dismissed it with a grunt, telling me I’m making it too hard to steer straight by hanging off the side. I felt embarrassed (of course he was right, I was making the bike very imbalanced) and I sat proper behind him, wrapping my arms around him. He told me “Don’t choke up too hard on me now.” and I loosened my grip a little. That was the entirety of the dream.

I’m still trying to piece together that one… Though perhaps it is unwise to overanalyze per Eagle’s warning.

This morning when I awoke I set the table and shuffled the deck, again calling for inspiration and a desire to know the Oracle better. I drew Eagle, inverted, again. Perhaps there are more dreams yet to come tonight, then.


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