Morning Omens (In The Evening) – 1/20/17

Well today was a weird one. Woke up late, felt very achy from the storm, then found a mystery leak in our bathroom ceiling. All this nonsense kept me too far away from the altar until just now, in the waning light of day.

So whom did I meet today? A new face!


It’s Wren!

This card immediately shows me an elegant bond with Gods and Nature. The Wren herself blends in well with the oak and foliage, her nest hidden discreetly below. Even the bolt of lightning, cast down from the heavens, and the dark of the storm draw the eye away from the clever bird.

This speaks to me of triumph and sanctuary through cleverness and piety. Wren may be sought and hunted but knows when and how to hide, and holds the favor of the Gods for the protection of herself and her family. Work smarter, not harder, and listen to the wisdom of the world.


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