Morning Omens – 1/21/17

This morning I awoke and called to the Oracle for inspiration, seeking a closer kinship with the spirits that adorn the cards.

I admit I felt a bit startled by the sight of the Dragon of Fire looking back at me.

This card depicts a striking image. A large, serpentine dragon snakes up a barren, rocky cliffside. His scales are as flame, a torrent of fire bursts before him, hours of seating breath shooting from his maw.

He stands on this perch between we and that cavernous mound. One eye on his hoard, the other on the explorer.

This card conjures a strong sensation of being amongst a whirlwind of searing heat. The wind blows and flames lick all around and it is hard to see. Glimspes of blue water and sky peek through the whorl and all around are talons and scales and teeth.

So is the dragon to be feared or to be kin? Do I approach him humbly, seeking wisdom and support or do I seek to outwit him for his treasure? Both carry the risk of danger but both, too, promise great gifts.

Why not both, then? Why not have an open heart and also a clever mind? That is if one can ever truly call the dragon one’s equal.


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