Morning Omens – 1/18/17

This morning (or should I say afternoon) I overslept. A lot. I went to bed before midnight and snoozed several times until 1pm. Yesterday was just one of those days where I got up early, ran real hard, and didn’t realize how tired I was until it was too late.

So when I was partway through a hasty shower I realized my omen draw was still pending. I did a quick devotional as I rinsed and got dressed, nearly forgetting to consult the Oracle before I left. I apologized for my haste and began to mix and tumble the deck. I found my hands fumbling to do this work in a hurry and as I was about to just give up on the whole thing I saw one card left sitting on the table. It had been left behind when I took the deck in my hands. I hadn’t noticed it until just then.

It was Goose. This was my first time encountering this face in the AO. It was a pleasant surprise, particularly considering the circumstances.

When I look at the card of the Goose I feel comfortable. The scene is simple and tranquil. A pair of Geese travel together, one on a well worn shore and the other floating alongside a thick of reeds. I feel they are looking out for each other, ensuring peace and tranquility for the other. Perhaps the one on the dirt path is looking for threats in the distance or in the bush. Perhaps the one in the water keeps wary of an ambush from the dense reeds? With one holding vigil the other may rest.

The other very noticeable image is the migrating flock. This is sadly a sight I see very infrequently in California but I remember back in New York seeing (and hearing) that telltale “V” was always so enthralling.

So Goose reads as a pull to be aware of togetherness. It is an emphasis on knowing when to lead and knowing when to follow. Knowing when to take the driver’s seat and knowing when to sleep in the back. It’s all too easy, I know, to feel like you have to take up the sword and board all the time to defend those who depend on you. It’s also too easy to dismiss their want/need to do the same for you. Without taking shifts in a partnership one can burn themselves out completely. It’s the real life tank-swap mechanic. Be aware of when to MT and when to drop stacks.


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