December 29, 2016 – Honoring All The Gods

On ths evening, when ten lights of Yule shine bright, we honor the great multitude of mighty stars that glow high above. The Mother’s First Children, all the great Gods and Goddesses. There are many of us who call to and listen for the Shining Ones, and a great deal of of serve a great diversity of Gods. Where the ninth night was devoted by the specific Gods who frequent our home, the tenth is in honor of all the Gods and Goddesses.

The fire is lit, ten candles sparked from it’s light.

On this, the tenth night, we honor the Gods.

To the Shining Ones!

First Children! Most Noble!

Praise be to you!

You have offered us knowledge, vision, healing, and grace, when we were weak and in need.

We bring you offering of Wine, that you may share in our joy.

Wine is poured into the offering bowl.

We bring you water, that you may be nourished as you have us.

Water is poured into the offering bowl.

We bring you words of love, as you have loved us so.

Thanks and heartfelt love are expressed.

May the gifts we give honor the gifts we have been given.

Shining Ones, accept our offerings!


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