December 22, 2016 – Honoring The Nature-Kin


On this evening where three Yule lights dance we give thanks to our kin in nature. They are our allies in the middle world, neighbors of inspiration and harmony, integral to the life that roams, flies, swims, and burrows in the Earthmother’s embrace.

The lantern is lit, the beacon flame shared with the first three Yule candles.

On this, the third day of Yule, we honor the creatures of the land,
those who share our space in the middle realm in peace and harmony.
You who are our friends and neighbors,
spirits of this place all, we honor you.

A plate of meat is placed upon the altar.

As these offerings rest in the glow of these flames, seated upon this sacred space,
may the blessings we have given through this holy work flow into this plate,
so you might share in our blessings together.
Nature-Kin, accept our offerings!

The plate is then taken outside, the offerings delivered to a dedicated space, the Nature-Kin told aloud that the gifts are for them.


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