Divination Journal – 10/23/16

Omens came a little late this time. I was a bit scattered/tired and had no specific entity to call for guidance so I drew runes in the style of my Grove: one rune for each of the Kindreds.

The Mighty Dead brought Dagaz – The Day
The Nature Spirits brought Gebo – The Gift
The Shining Ones brought Perthro – The Dice Cup

The ancestors have reminded me, with elation, that Samhain is drawing near. It is a turning of the season, a closing of the door to look forward to better days. I hope to end the year honoring those who came before me and gave me so much strength and wisdom, carrying that power through to a new year of life.

The creatures and spirits of this Earth call for a stronger relationship. I witnessed so much beauty on my trip down south this week. So many wonderful creatures and plants reminded me of the glorious color that exists in this world, outside of my walls. I still dream of a small garden outside the apartment… But am often stalled by indecision and a lack of expertise. Clearly the spirits grow restless with my hesitation.

My mother Goddesses and all they share the stars with see my uncertainty, rattling it’s bones noisily as a parent scolds a child. I’ve heard it many times. I don’t fault you for reminding me… In fact I certainly need the reminder.

Now to figure out a low-light, outdoor, pot-friendly plant that can survive a SoCal winter…


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