Divination Journal – 10/14/2016

Friday morning. The last work day before my Autumn vacation. I was tired from all of the exhaustion of the week yet a little relieved to have a half day of lighter duty ahead of me. I would need to call an Uber to get in today, as I slept in a touch and would need a new uniform for the day’s assignment. I was a bit hurried, but it was a day for omens. I called for Artio to share Her wisdom with me and my fingers found a pair of runes that spoke:

Isa – The Ice
Ehwaz – The Horse

It did not take me long to discern the meaning of this message…

Me: “Hey there! I’m not able to take your call right now but please leave a message at the tone!”

Artio: “Hey Sticks, we need to talk. Call me back when you have a moment, thanks!”

Bear-Mother very much would like a word with me, it seems. The runes say, quite plainly, to be still and travel. Meditate and visit Her. I am beyond exhausted at this point in the evening to attempt anything resembling effective meditation but tomorrow is to be a day of quiet study and communing with the Kindreds.

I’ll see you then, friend.


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