Divination Journal – 10/12/16

This morning I returned to the ‘classic’ morning omen draw that my altar has seen, calling to a specific source for inspiration. This morning I called upon Bear-Friend and Raven-Friend, Artio and Nantosuelta, to speak.

The moment my fingers brushed the right words I felt such a jolt inside. It was so much more prominent than the omens on Monday felt at the moment of contact.

So, betwixt fore and tall fingers came a trio of runes. They were as a fork in a wall socket (don’t try that at home, children) and they read:

Hagalaz – Hail

Raido – The Ride

Dagaz – Dawn

It’s too easy to toss a cliche “It’s always darkest before the dawn” at this one but… Perhaps we’re not far off the mark. Both Hagalaz and Dagaz indicate intense change. 

The intense noise and force of a hailstorm disrupts the quiet and threatens crop and property with damage. The dawn pushes the night away with a burst of beautiful, blinding light. Both are violent and intense in their own ways but work together in an interesting manner as well, the hail coating the land in ice before the sunrise melts it into water.

Raido stood between the hail and the dawn. As a bridge the rune’s meaning is pretty definite. It is the path. The journey forward.

So what we have, all told, is an intense change that will lead into an intense change. It’s a fairly intimidating omen as, in my experience, that can mean anything from an awful illness to changing one behavior for another. The shining face of Dagaz suggests a positive resolution, however. 

This one goes in the front pocket, beneath my snout, eyes open as the day goes on.


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