Divination Journal – 10/10/16

This morning I called for omens in a way that was not particularly my own, but rather a method employed in our Grove’s public rituals. I called for a rune from each of the three Kindreds. It felt like a weak calling, all told, likely because it was outside of the norm for me and also a bit of a rough morning in general. Still though:

The Ancestors brought Sowilo, the sun.

The Spirits of Nature brought Opila, the enclosure.

The Shining Ones brought Algiz, the elk-sedge.

The mighty dead have brought me a reminder to keep pushing onward. A reminder that the cycle will ever move forward and to be mindful and respectful to the turning of time in this liminal period.

Opila is a familiar sight as of late. To hear the Nature Spirits speak of ‘Home’ is… Honestly a bit different for me. But, thinking on it, I have so rarely called on the creature and folk for omens. The association of Opila as home has come up before but now, in this reading, I too see it as an enclosure. A separation of here from there. True, I do bemoan quite a lot how I miss the woods of New York, and how Southern California just isn’t the same. I also, academically, know that I am blessed with a whole new beauty in the endless ocean and beautiful sun year round. I’ve lived here about ten years now and not once have I truly known the ocean. 

Maybe this reading is less weak than I initially thought.

Finally, but certainly not least, the Gods and Goddesses bring Algiz. Another recent favorite at the altar. The elk-sedge brings me assurance. It’s a guiding hand that has me hold steady, be patient, and watch. Hold the spear aloft, yes, but do not rush into the skirmish. When they come, you will be ready.

The latest milestone in this October of 2016 that is so packed full of stuff is a vacation week involving my in-laws. It’s a split NorCal/Starvation sort of deal and I’m really looking forward to it. Every day lately has been one of those ‘vacation is soon, hang in there’ sorta days and, of course, there’s stress at home to make the place presentable for the parents. To make the home habitable. 

There’s also much talk from the husband about a beach trip up north. So… Hm. Okay, runes. You’ve got my attention.


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