Divination Journal – Friday 10/7/16

I woke up this morning an hour earlier than intended (0330 >.>) because I was in incredible pain. I had… Such a headache. Any attempt to lie down was met with the sensation of my eyes throbbing, threatening to splinter the bone of my skull. I was in agony. Couldn’t sleep though, and I had to leave in an hour so… I just went to the altar.

It was, as you would expect, tremendously difficult to focus but still I called for omens to please, please, please push me through the day. I was going to muddle over them during my commute but I did not. I was going to think on them before I clocked in but I did not. Today is actually kind of a blur of pain. I did get to lay down across three metal chairs in the break room for about 10 minutes, though. That was cool.

So anyway… It’s a bit of a miracle I even remembered to look at my omen notes from this morning. Let’s take a look at what we had.

The runes fell in a diamond pattern. My hand found five, with only one face up. In my desperation I called on insight from all the Kindreds. Whatever you got, I’ll take. The pattern in which they fell led me to think the mighty dead took the wheel on this one.

So most prominently we had Algiz. In a lesser position were Dagaz, Opila (Good to see you again), and Ansuz leaning atop Gebo. They all fell together to make the points of a diamond, Ingwaz, from the mouth of the ancestors.

So what words were bubbling up from the cauldron?

The loudest of the runes, Algiz, spoke to me of being resolute. Standing firm. Do not retreat, do not advance hastily. Plant your feet and watch. If adversity will come it will snag on the elk-sedge and once it reaches your shores you will have seen all it has to bear against you.

The quieter message, the face-down runes, reinforce the building of this home. Every day brings a new sunrise, our home grows stronger, fuller of warmth and worth, and our Goddesses gifts will continue to fuel the blazing hearth within these walls.

A reminder of the ever rising sun and the gifts Artio and Nantosuelta have brought this home is so welcome. As the veil thins and the night grows longer, thoughts of despair, worry about loss of time, my unease about death and ending… They tend to swirl up and embolden what may yet linger inside. Creatures like sadness and depression. These beasts have teeth and claws that so often treat armor as paper. These omens speak of defense, acceptance, and gratitude. Make the halls of this home whole, let the gifts be recieved, and by the strength of these walls, day by day, let thanks be also given.


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