Opila is an Arrowhead, Wunjo is the Fletching


I’ve been terribly lax in documenting omens lately but one thing that has been a constant (and a bit hilarious) is the common recurrence of Wunjo. Over and over Wunjo bubbles up, laughing, dancing, playing around me. Even when I’m laden with depression and worry there is Wunjo. I can’t help but feel sometimes that it’s teasing me, jabbing me with a playful finger while I sulk. It means no real harm. Just like any message of love it wants me to be well. But it’s insistence, time after time, has made me wonder (jokingly of course) if my rune bag is somehow broken.

Then came Opila. A rune I was unfamiliar with. It came in my brief morning prayer yesterday before trotting off to work. I held the sign in my heart and studied interpretations en route to work. I was surprised at what I found. Yikes. The grim fangs of human history, folks. However, eventually finding some clearer insight, it all clicked.

Recently our home has been coming back together. What was once a shelter that housed lives and belongings, loosely threaded together by obligation and understanding, has been transformed into a (slightly more) organized home with a family that “makes it work” because that’s what a family is for. Suddenly words and meaning from family, breathing and no, just swirled together in a harmony of understanding and plain doing and this place is just… It’s happening. Home suddenly became real. I marveled at the bathroom counter space, the kitchen that hadn’t been reasonably clean in almost a decade. Things are getting organized, books on shelves, etc. Suddenly small things that would have been pushed aside or discarded in apathy are being treated as real, important matters and the hearth of our home has never felt warmer. We’ve always been together, through better and worse, but never quite like this.

So there it was. Like a rhythmic chant out of The Music Man. A tail through time, throbbing through the mouths of Goddesses and Ancestors. Wunjo… Wunjo…. Wunjo….. Wunjo…. Opila!

And yeah. I’m feeling pretty darn good about all of it.


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