Morning Runes 9/19/16

Before I trekked off to work today I sat down briefly at the altar and asked Grandmother to show me guidance. I reached in for a single rune but found myself drawing up a pair.

Sowilo stood out, face up, shining right before me. The sun. Warmth, strength, promise, cycles.

Hagalaz, too was there. Face down. The rune for Hail. Destruction.

Be resolute in your agreements. Do not break them. That is the simple tale the runes told me.

I have many promises I have made with myself and with others to better my future days. To better us all. It is ever easy for me to trip and fall into complacency and poor behavior and not only am I made to suffer, but it surely wounds those close to me as well.

It all sounds like a very gramma thing to say, all told.


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