Alban Elfed and The Exhausted Bear

Tonight was my local Grove’s fall equinox celebration. I fully intend to write all about it but tonight I am simply wiped. It was an intense experience for me and I’m still a wee bit on the sick side so I’m just… I’m a puddle of cub right now. Sticks has fallen down.

I’d like to share, before I pass out completely (and partially for my own memory’s sake) that the omens given tonight were stunning. The mighty dead told us to bind together with those around, show them love and recieve their love. The earth spirits told us to do what our ancestors just said. The shining ones brought us the silver fur.Wisdom hidden within. For me, however, the signs could not have been more apt. On the anniversary of grandmother’s death… Five years since… What a long journey I’d traveled since that vision of the bear in the blizzard… The pawprints stretching into the gray haze. Follow the dead and look to the silver fur.

I feel so… Blessed. Blessed and tired.

I love you so much, all my mothers. Grandmother… Thank you for taking my paw in yours then, now, and tomorrow.



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