Late Night Rune Reading 9/5/2016

Tonight I felt called to the altar, so I lit the fire, filled the well, and made my offerings of water, stone, and word to my great mothers. I thanked them for their guidance and blessings from the week prior and asked for guidance for the week to come, reaching into the bag of runes until the feeling was right and cast them onto the altar…

Together in a bunch I saw:
Naudiz – Need; opression, lessons learned
Isa – Ice; beautiful and dangerous
Tiwaz – Tir; guidance, justice, navigation
Ingwaz – Ing; fertility, ancestors

Together elsewhere lie:
Perpo – Dice cup, vulva; joy, uncertainty
Mannaz – Man; self, mortality, orlog, kinship

And by itself off to the side:
Ehwaz – Horse; pleasant travel, help

Calm yourself. Focus. Be still and accept guidance from your ancestors. They have something to teach you.

You may encounter uncertain thoughts and feelings but rest assured it is the blood of your ancestors within you.

Your journeys this week will be light and joyous.

Interesting omens to start my week on. Pleasant and curious. My favorite kind!


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