Wunjo Says Hello

Today I woke up full of slugs. I was 120% sleepy bear. I showered, rubbed my eyes, contemplated calling out sick, and got dressed. With minutes to spare I looked to my altar and closed my eyes. I made a quick whisper of thanks to my mothers and asked for something to guide me through the murk.

I drew a single rune. Wunjo. I smiled. I believe the exact words out of my mouth were “Okay. Let’s see what you got.”

Thirty steps out the door I crossed the street, moving down the sidewalk, and came across an attractive stick, very wand-like, sitting in the crotch of a tree. I asked in my heart if I could take it for a while but my answer was a pretty clear ‘no’. It was quite firmly wedged in there. Still, though. It made me smile. A playful joke, I thought.

I’m currently on my lunch break and today has just been so full of smiles. I doodled a little picture of Artio, saw some beautiful nature photos from a friend, and dreamt up some adventures with my WoW character.

A quick little doodle of Bear-Mother

Today has been, indeed, a day full of joy. Sometimes simple rune draws are hard to discern between a goal or a warning or an inquiry… Today this feels like it’s all of the above and I’m all in for it.

Thank you, my mothers, for the wonders shared with me this day.


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