Surprise Raven Visit

Today was just another day at work for me. It was an early day and I was doing a bit better energy-wise than I had been all week. I ended up outside for a portion of my shift, enjoying the warm sunlight for the first time all week, and noticed a huge bird shadow moving over me. I followed it with my eyes and saw Raven alight on the building overhead. It was the first time I ever saw Raven at work… Ever. I’ve been at my job for seven years and I’ve never seen Raven with my own eyes there. She hopped around a bit on the building, visible to me through the branches of a nearby tree, and then She was gone. I did not see Her for the rest of the day.

I’ll be sure to have a chat with Nantosuelta this weekend during my Solstice rite. Raven must have something to share with me, yeah? Either that or She just wants to pester me again :p


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