Dream Journals 5/30 – 5/31

I got a double header of wacky dreams recently.

Monday night featured me in an alpine loft style office of sorts with a man who was a human head on a bird body. The bird body changed to a different bird at one point and then he changed into a human-faced pikachu. This man-chu then proceeded to rub his chest in a suggestive manner (in jest) which was the funniest thing ever to me and the mystery dream people around me. Seriously it was insanely funny, doubling over crying laughter. I wonder if I was laughing in my physical body too?

Last night my dream involved me visiting mystery dream friends (I think for a baby shower or something). There was a young woman who left her cell phone on a windowsill and thought it had fallen onto the street (even though the window didn’t open far enough for that to be possible) and there were a few men sitting on the carpet who started an impromptu religious ritual. The ritual was unfamiliar to me and in my dream knowledge I ‘knew’ it was not my practice, but I joined them anyway. I recall short candles and incense I think. I was breaking a stick into small pieces in my hand as well.

Two memorable dreams in a row is unusual for me. The first dream was completely bizarre but I remember the sensation of the dream laugh being very enjoyable. The interfaith practice in last night’s dream was also interesting. Further interesting was my specific action of breaking a stick into smaller pieces. That was a thing I did unconsciously while on a call with my mentor some weeks ago while I was having, let’s say, a crisis of faith.


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