An Exhausted Stream Indeed

So remember the other day when I drew Laguz before heading to work? Well it got more interesting.

Fast forward from my day to the evening where I retired early to prepare for a very early shift the next morning. I was pretty tired and had to be up at 4am so I got to sleep pretty fast… And then the midnight commotion came. Our cat, very likely because I got to bed so early and my husband retired to his room as well, just became a terror. He ate and ate and barfed and then ate and ate and barfed and then made a mess in his litter box and… It was just one thing after another. All the hustle and bustle eventually roused me and, in my bleary state, I began to assist with damage control.

It was pretty apparent that he hadn’t gotten adequate time with his daddy today and he was all restless and wired up so I hauled myself out of bed and plopped down, semi-conscious, in my computer chair. He near immediately alighted onto my lap and settled down, something he very rarely engaged in with me personally.

So there I was, pulled from sleep at 2 in the morning to give laps to a restless kitty. But he needed it. He very clearly needed it. And as I turned on Saltybet and struggled to not slump over unconsciously onto him I saw Laguz again. That straight stroke with a sharp bend. Adaptability. Deviating from the plan. Flowing like water to do what needs to be done.

Yup. You got my number with that one.


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