A Brief Walk In Bear

I got a little support and guidance from the ADF ‘Ecstatic Trance’ mailing list regarding my transformative trance experiences and received a bit of guidance to further explore what I was feeling in a more controlled and aware (therefore safer) manner. What follows is an elaboration on the hastily recorded notes following the event.

As suggested I did my meditation naked. I turned out the lights and set myself down on my bed, arms at my sides. I closed my eyes and began steady, rhythmic breathing until I could keep the rhythm and just focus on sensing what was around me. Usually I find the hum and gust of our AC a distraction during my meditation but tonight I was able to, for lack of a better term, integrate it into the experience. I could feel the air pouring down around me and the bed pushing up in response. Soon I noticed my breathing taking a deeper, heavier pace. I felt a rush of blood through me twice and then I felt myself kind of melting.
It eventually felt like I had stopped breathing altogether and I found myself looking through unfamiliar eyes. My fur looked brown or gold. There was very bright sunlight. I was male. I knew this for certain. The place I was in was some sort of overgrown ruin. Light yellow stonework was underfoot and to my left. Trees stretched above, shading some of the sun. The stonework also rose above me, to my left, forming a curved wall. It was a sort of turret with stairs following around it, upwards. There were also wider stairs further left that were almost completely shaded by a tall wall with an archway. The stairs led down to this arch and beyond the arch was a vast, sunlit field.
The of this ruin or whatever it was had long vines growing on them with black or dark red berries. I also smelled olives very strongly. Like olive wood.
I considered ascending the spiral tower steps but got a strong sensation of violence. I could actually taste blood. The danger was like metal in my nostrils. Would there be a kill there? I did not want to fight at that moment.
I finally got my legs moving. It felt as if I had spent the entire morning ‘warming them up’ to only start moving now. I started moving down the stairs instead, towards the archway.
I then snapped out of the meditation, gasping sharply for air.
I submitted this to the group and am curious about feedback. As to what I think about it? I think it was interesting and vivid but have yet to really ponder it for any meaning.

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