A Blessed Morning, A Clumsy Evening

Today was a rollercoaster of spiritual interaction. I went to the park and made shared an apple and water with the spirits of the park, then I went about my business for the day. I got a little bit of sunlight following my offering and prayers so that was nice.

I came back home with some new stuff for the altar. Got a mister with some orange oil for my incense analog as well as a pillar candle, with the intent of cutting back on tealight waste. (I may end up switching to votives, however. The pillar candle is maybe a bit too big.)

When I got home I sat down to do a full ritual. I had some real killer offerings tonight. The turquoise as usual, water, some syrupy nut bread, and some spinach, as well as my new orange oil mist. The offerings were great. They were well liked. My words… My words are still just… Just awful. So clumsy. I sound terrible and I’m just… It’s so awful.

I really need to take the time to use the COOR and carve out a ritual that I can be comfortable with and commit to memory. So far, though, I sound like an idiot every time. I’m still learning the pieces and where they go and, what’s worse, I’m fumbling with all of them.

Bless my Mothers and their patience, though. Bless them with all the blessings that can be blessed. I’m fortunate they tolerate my clumsiness.


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