Swing and a Miss

Tonight I attempted to do a full, vocalized ritual at home with the intent of blessing our home and warding off illness and harm. I worked from a script from the ADF website, a ritual utilizing the COOR and written by Ian Corrigan. It was sloppy and awkward and, though I made a more hearty offering with flour, tea, a biscuit, and syrup, the magic felt weak. The pale omens served only to confirm it. The improved offering was a small step in the right direction but my part in it was poor at best.

The omen:

Two, south and distant. Straight and solid.
A pair of threes, side by side, listing to the east, a mirror of each others facing.

I found the two, directly ahead, nearest the Fire, to tell me that my blessing, while granted, comes weak. Weakly as my confidence in the doing. I find the threes, side by side, nearest the offering bowl, indicating a warming, transitioning sentiment towards the increased giving, but it stands to fall one way or the other, leaning towards the negative/ “We see you’re trying, but you need to do better.”

If I’m to work this ritual I need to, I think, shape it slightly and commit it deeper to memory. I will do a little more work before I next attempt a full ritual like this one. In the meantime I have come across some lovely small devotional prayers I will begin to work into my daily worship.


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