Found Prayers to Nantosuelta and Artio

I saw searching around for a picture I could add to the altar to more properly make a place for Her on my altar and ended up finding a lovely little morning devotional to Her. This comes from Workings of a Modern Day Pagan and Vervenna Marianna.

Hail to the Goddess Nantosuelta
Queen of Earth
Keeper of  Fire
Bringer of fertility, abundance and blessings
Goddess of the hearth
Oh Mighty Mother
I pray that you may guide me
And gift to me your blessings
Teach me your ways 
So I may teach and heal those around me
Show me the path through your forests green
And fires bright
So that I may follow in your footsteps
Through this day and onwards.”

I rather like it. I’ve yet to have any sort of morning ritual as of yet. This seems like a good place to start, though!

EDIT: Shortly after posting this I found two more wonderful prayers from the Tumblr blog Fieldstones that I just loved:

To Artio
Artio, goddess, bold of spirit, strong of heart,
fair one, gracious one, queen of the wilderness,
mistress of bears, I call to you this day.
Gentle goddess, you face without fear the greatest
of beasts, unarmed and ungirded you enter
the den; in hand you hold the fragrant blossom,
in arm you bear the finest fruit, ripe and ready,
honey-sweet as when it was plucked from the tree.
Artio, mountain-goddess, through tangled wood
and stony stream you run, fleet of foot and graceful
of carriage, firm of will and noble of bearing.
Artio, long-beloved goddess, I honor you.


To Nantosuelta

Gracious Nantosuelta, holder of the home,
abundance is your blessing, contentment is your gift.
Well-crowned goddess, draped in fine raiment, garlanded
in gold, in you we see the riches of the world.
We know you, goddess, as we know honey
on the tongue, as we know warm grass on bare feet;
you are as heady, goddess, as the sweet new wine.
The dove is yours, Nantosuelta, white as milk,
fragile and free; yours too, O goddess, is the raven,
yours too the way of that coal-black bird. Nantosuelta,
in arm you bear the plentiful horn, in hand you grasp
the chalice; for your gifts I honor you, O goddess.

All of these prayers are so beautiful, and speak in tones and ways that I, too, see my beloved Goddesses. My thanks go to you both for these sweet words that I may yet love Them better with each passing day.


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