Omens of the Week of March 26th

This week I began adding divination to my evening ritual. I read around and prayed on the matter and eventually came to a solution that, while it may be temporary or not, seems to work well and speak to me with… Relative clarity. I’m no scholar but I’ve felt enough honest power from the process to leave me confident in the practice.

Dice. Three dice sitting in a little curved ‘worry stone’. The stone I sit them in is relatively unused. I never really used it for it’s intended purpose in the past, rather I would squeeze it between my fingers when seeking inspiration. It’s one of many special, magic stones taken from our sacred visits to Arizona and it seemed a fitting home to hold these three tiny dice.

So in my ritual, after offerings are made, I ask for guidance. If asking to Grandmother I hold the dice in hand to the well before casting. If to Artio I offer them, in open palm, to the muzzle of the bear statue. As I do not yet have a symbol on my altar for Nantosuelta yet I simply hold them to the flame a moment before casting. I then turn the stone over so it sits convex to the air and drop the dice over it, letting them tumble away. I use the stone as a center and read the dice as they fall away from it (or don’t).

Anyway, enough rambling self-justification. It’s a practice I have enjoyed and have not felt turned away in the doing. I’m already thinking of ways to alter and refine the process perhaps as I document it. Perhaps not inverting the stone before casting?

That is my process for now. I have cast the dice several times this week and recorded each result.

Sunday, March 20th:

Six, solid and straight, near and south.
Two, listing eastward, near and chasing six.
One, listing westward, far away to the west side.

This was my first casting for omens. I simply asked those with me, those Powers near my word, to grant me guidance going forward. This message was clear, a confirmation of my progress. I’ve heard it time and time again, from my mentor’s divination for me, from the omens at our Spring Equinox rite. Confidence and strength, moving unerring towards great power (the ocean is directly south from our home). Very close to the present, close to my center, with hesitations and weakness, while still present and close, chasing that solid march… Yet faded and falling away. The one, so distant to the west, and turning even further away. Progress is being made and I am shedding weakness as Spring awakens.

Monday, March 21st:

One, two, three. Turning round the stone from right to left. All close, all chasing.

Another shockingly direct message. Keep on trucking. One foot before the other.You’re on your way, etc.

Tuesday, March 22nd:

Six, solid and straight, near and south.
One and Three, from right to left, listing east. They sit together in a pair, parallel with each other, a short distance away from the center on the east side. They also are very distinctly in the shadow of the Tree on the altar.

Six again, solid, close to the center, upright, pointing toward the ocean. If there’s one thing the bear provides in spirit it’s an abundance of strength I tell you what.

The one and three were interesting here. Perfectly aligned little buddies, parallel not only to each other but in the shadow of the tree cast by the altar Fire. I could not clearly see the message then and clearly I was very tired as the record on my notepad is quite hastily scratched… But I have very little nature in my life right now and I feel this is telling me so. The one is there, being cold and thin, but it’s also leaning in harmony with the three, on the hinge of change, growing and turning towards the better. Both lie perfectly in line with the Tree’s shadow.

Next step? Figuring out a green solution in our tiny home. We don’t get much sun at all in our living arrangement but we have a tiny space outside that does get some sun throughout the day. I’m hoping to set up a tiny little cart or shelf outside that we can put some potted plants out on. My mentor says it will help in my grounding and I think it’ll be, at the very least, educational as I’ve never tended plants before.

Wednesday, March 23rd:

My evening prayers were interrupted by a loud clinking. The turquoise placed in the Well for Grandmother had settled loudly and suddenly. I took this to be Grandmother’s wishing to speak and so I stopped everything to offer the dice to the well. Here is the casting that followed:

Two and Four straight, side by side, near and south.
Two far east, listing east.

I have lately been concerned about how I’ve been managing my time, particularly in regards to leisure interests. Grandmother’s message seemed fairly clear that night. I have two balances close to me. I’m maintaining duty and responsibilities in my real life and in my MMO life right now. It’s the latter that has been causing me concern lately… But I’ve been hesitant to step away as I do enjoy parts of the experience and I enjoy greatly supporting others in the game… But it’s one too many plates to spin for me. It always ends up that way no matter whether it’s this or WoW. I have two balances now but, in time, I will settle to the one.

I’ve always hesitated to call my enthusiasm for the MMO an addiction, but I very rarely can go into one halfway. I always get in over my head and it has to stop. The friendships and social connections I make are priceless (indeed I may never have found Druidry without World of Warcraft) but the amount of time I personally carve out of my life to immerse myself in them are just too much eventually… And I feel like that period gets shorter and shorter each time.

For now I will wean myself away and focus on playing ‘regular’ games during my leisure time. I will work on my backlog of console games and get to that pile of books I’ve been wanting to read for a year. A stack of plates in each hand is perhaps too much for me, honestly. MMOs are becoming a bit too much like a second job.

Friday, March 25th:

I did two castings this night. The first was to ask my honored patrons if my offerings have been to their liking. I got a scattering of Ones and a Two. Very clearly that was a “No. Try harder.” So I asked again “How may I better give to you?” and recieved the following:

Five, listing slightly west, medium distance from center to the southwest, nested near my ‘friend stones’.
One, close and north east, listing slightly west.
One, far south, listing slightly west.

I see here to not look too deeply to the immediate past, to not look too intently to the distant future, but instead to turn towards those close to me with open arms. The five, a burst of power, nestled neatly in between a little cluster of stones I’ve recieved as gifts from friends and family (as well as gifts I intend to give). Last night I thought that this told me, very directly, to consult my friend and mentor with advice for regular offerings. While I will still do that I feel, as mentioned in a previous post, I am also meant to look to an exchange of energy more regularly with my immediate family. To give my husband more care and affection than I have been and also recieve his energy. Perhaps I’ve been looking too intently and too narrowly, fretting over offerings of food and flame and water and completely neglecting the offering of real devotional energy from an intimate home.

Yeah. That’s something I certainly need to ‘grow up’ and work on. Prioritizing my home and family over other obsessions.


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