Learning From The Runes

Tonight my mentor sat with me to do rune divination, to answer some questions and overall help find me some footing in this new path of mine. I went into it very nervous, uncertain of what the practice might entail or where it would take me… Or leave me.

After several readings and different questions I found myself where I had hoped I would: In a state of forward learning. Many of the things the runes spoke were truths I knew inside, but was unsure of… Which ended up being a point of some amusement as a recurring message seemed to be flexibility. Ior, the beaver, came up every single time. Adaptability. Flexibility. Lagu was a major sign as well. Uncertainty, hesitance. Chained with two loud runes of warning. Gyfu was a loud message as well… So loud that the full rune spread lay in that particular shape!

So what did I learn tonight? That I must be persistent in my practice and stop doubting myself. I must be open to changes that make come around or as a result of my journey. I must continue my offerings to Artio, continue seeking her company. BUT… And this is a big but that I, myself, was blind to… I must learn to receive love as much as I am out to give it. For days and days and days I have, on multiple occasions a day, set my altar to Her and given her my love and welcomed her beside me… But not once did I sit quietly to listen for her reply. I was putting quarters in a slot machine and walking away.

This was my biggest lesson learned tonight. That hospitality is a two-way street. It’s not just about giving. Nor is it only about taking.

Thank you for your patience, honored Mother Bear. Thank you for permitting me to learn. Let me try again for you.


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