A Sword In The Sheets – Dream Notes

I nearly forgot to mention, last night I had another powerful dream. It felt Important much like the falling branches (that I realize I’ve yet to share on this blog… Oops.) but I’ll note it here primarily for my own recollection.

During my dreams last night I found myself in bed, under my quilt. A long, ornate, silver sword was lying beside me, pommel by my chest, blade running along my leg. It laid above the quilt, long and rigid and heavy.

I then found the sword alight before me. I was sitting up on the edge of my bed and the sword was standing straight up. It was in my hands or my lap… I cannot remember. But it continued to be heavy and rigid. Very solid. It felt like it was holding up the ceiling or trying to push through it.

That was all there was. I remember the sword had designs on it but nothing I can conjure from memory.


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