It Is Midnight And I See

It is midnight and I sit by the altar, making my evening offering to Artio, looking at my mentor’s blog and reading her earliest entries. It is surprising (although perhaps it should not be so?) to see how similar to my hesitations, my uncertainties her words are. A major difference between us, of course, is she came from a much deeper, more active pagan life than I. I may as well be a babe suddenly borne unto the world.

Those things aside… It is heartening to see that just three years ago she was starting a journey not unlike my own, and had hesitations and worries much like mine.

But much like the mantra of “You’re not doing it wrong” she, too held one that I must grip to my heart every minute of this new life:

Practice begets belief.

Practice begets belief.

I very much need sleep. I am… Nervous about tomorrow.


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